Disneyland Hong Kong

Non-stop Fun from Day to Night – Disney in a Whole New Light 
There are a lot more magical memories awaiting families in Hong Kong Disneyland, where you will embark on a magical journey through seven themed lands from day to night!

Each day, as the sunlight fades, millions of tiny lights will transform the entire park and present the best of Hong Kong Disneyland in a whole new light. Shining brightest of all is the all new Disney Paint the Night nighttime spectacular - a symphony of music and colour that will truly make your imagination soar. Stunning constellations of light showcasing some of your favourite Disney stories will touch your heart and make you gaze in wonder. You can even play a part in the show! With a wave of your magic paintbrush, you can watch many of the performer’s costumes change colour – in real time!

Year-round Special Events
Hong Kong Disneyland celebrates every season with a unique mix of attractions and entertainment designed for both Chinese and Western occasions, such as the Chinese New Year Celebrations, Disney Haunted Halloween, Sparkling Christmas and summer events.

Source: http://www.discoverhongkong.com/