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How to fill the HK Visa Application

Please follow the following 9 steps to apply a Hong Kong visa:

**  Step by step HK Visa Guide "In English"
**  Step by step HK Visa Guide "In Persian"

**  HKSAR visa requirements for the following foreign countries / territories

1. Fill the Application form the "PDF file" (please fill the forms in the block letters using computer) [4pages]
(The application's signature must be the same as the applicant’s passport signature)

2. Photograph of the applicant in color (not smaller than 50x40mm), must be attached to the completely filled application

3. Employment Proof [1page]
       a. Must be written in company letter head
       b. Must indicate the applicant's position in the company and the salary in US Dollar
       c. Must be signed and chopped by the company head

4. Financial Proof [1page]
       a. A total Balance of the applicant's account
       b. Must be signed and chopped by the authorized person in the bank

5. Copy of the applicant’s passport in color [1page]
       a. The passport must not be expired within 6 month

6. Marital status of the applicant [1page]
       a. If the applicant aim to travel with his/her spouse they must submit their marriage proof (Official translate of their marriage certificate or birth certificate)

7. Authorization letter to “Soleil Travel Consulting Ltd.” for applying visas on behalf of them with same signature as the applicant’s passport (attached to this email) [1page]

8. Applicant’s flight ticket [1page]

9. Each completed visa application and its supporting documents would include minimum of 9 pages


    •  The visa processing time will take around 35+ days and we will submit to the Immigration Department after receiving all completed documents.
    •  When all documents are ready please fill the online form on our website and upload application’s scan in PDF to for our approval.
    •  Please send us the original documents by post and inform us the tracking number.