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Hong Kong Tourism Board

The Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB), a government-subvented body, was founded on 1 April 2001 under the HKTB Ordinance. It was reconstituted from the Hong Kong Tourist Association (HKTA), which was established by Government Ordinance in 1957. Unlike the HKTA, which was an association of members, the HKTB has no affiliation to any specific sector or organisation within the industry and is able to support the interests of Hong Kong's tourism in its entirety.

The six objectives of the HKTB, as defined under the HKTB Ordinance 2001, are to:

  • Endeavour to increase the contribution of tourism to Hong Kong;
  • Promote Hong Kong globally as a leading international city in Asia and a world-class tourist destination;
  • Promote the improvement of facilities for visitors;
  • Support the Government in promoting to the community the importance of tourism;
  • Support, as appropriate, the activities of persons providing services for visitors to Hong Kong; and
  • Make recommendations to and advise the Chief Executive (of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region) in relation to any measures which may be taken to further any of the foregoing matters.

In fulfilling its objectives, the HKTB works in partnership with relevant government departments and organisations, the travel-related sectors, and other entities directly or indirectly related to tourism. The cooperation also takes the form of regular consultation with stakeholders, and participation in a number of strategy groups and forums.

The HKTB conducts extensive research into visitor profiles and preferences. This research data, along with information on the latest tourism trends and patterns, as well as analyses and projections by international organisations, is used for mapping out the HKTB's marketing strategies for different visitor source markets and segments.

In order to communicate Hong Kong's brand strengths to travel trade, media and consumers worldwide, the HKTB makes use of different channels, and organises comprehensive campaigns and a year-round programme of mega events, which also serve to enrich visitor experiences and provide a business platform for the travel-related sectors.

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